Corejᗩm ƒᎥtnǝss

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Who We Are

Diana Hex, currently a well versed dance and fitness expert with Equinox fitness clubs and Co-owner & Creator of COREJᗩM®, LLC. She's a California native who studied Dance through Dorsey High School, Santa Monica College, Long Beach State University, Renowned Dance Academies Throughout California and New York including Broadway Dance Center, Steps, and A Scholarship with Edge Performing Arts Center. Diana earned an incredible career as a recognized Dancer and Choreographer. 

Diana met the world of Fitness and was amazed at the difference in the aerobic of fitness vs. the anaerobic of Dance. Yet became actively apart of Fitness. 

Diana’s Passion for Dance and Fitness is what gave birth to her Career, Elegance and Style.  After being featured in film, stage, several commercials, an NBA LA Clippers Cheerleader, Ms. Fitness Titlist and Dance Fitness DVD's, Diana became a recognized leading authority in the Dance and Fitness Industry. Her desire to change the world one body at a time is coming to fruition through the lives she's touched with Diana Hex Fitness, COREJᗩM® and Corejᗩm ƒᎥtnǝss.